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Celebrity Apprentice Preview: Marlee Matlin Meltdown

Posted by on March 13, 2011 at 2:06 PM EST

marlee matlin celebrity apprenticeA preview of tonight’s (March 13, 2011) brand new Celebrity Apprentice episode.

This week’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice finds the men’s team trying to get a win so they can draw even with the women and the women of Celebrity Apprentice Season 4 potentially trying to get rid of one of their own. Could they be targeting Marlee Matlin?

Meat Loaf steps up as project manager for the men and Lisa Rinna is selected as project manager for the women. NeNe Leakes is honest when she says that the women selected Lisa because they know she can’t handle the job and they can get her off the team now.

Both Celebrity Apprentice teams seem to have troubles with the task. At one point Meat Loaf realizes he sent part of his team to the wrong location and he even admits that he is doing a terrible job as project manager. The women’s team seems to be coming unglued and is at each other’s throats prompting Lisa Rinna to say that she feels like she is on the Titanic and it is going down.

Judging by the previews it looks like the men’s team mostly struggles with organization while the women are just coming unraveled and it appears Marlee Matlin finally reaches her breaking point when someone says or does something that she finds completely ignorant and/or offensive. Even NeNe Leakes seems a little scared of Marlee so she must really come uncorked.

NBC is keeping the project and this week’s task a secret so we will all have to tune in Sunday night at 9PM on NBC to watch all the drama go down. It is only Celebrity Apprentice Season 4 Episode 2 and this cast is already looking crazy, it should be a lot of fun.



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