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California Tsunami Live Video Footage

Posted by on March 11, 2011 at 1:59 PM EST

california tsunamiLive coverage of the California Tsunami aftermath from earlier this morning.

CBS has been covering the Japan Tsunami all morning via live chopper in Santa Cruz, California. This California Tsunami video footage shows the aftermath we are feeling here in the stats after the terrible tragedy over in Japan. Watch as boats are tossed around like toys in the harbor as Tsunami waves make their way ashore. I reported earlier on Crescent City, California and sources are saying ALL of the docks in the harbor are gone now.

I don’t think the California Tsunami aftermath is over just yet. Crescent City, California is still feeling the affects as much of the west coast is on high alert. Just so you all understand what is going on, here is the live Tsunami footage from this morning as the waves begin to cause destruction on the California coast.



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