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American Idol 2011: Live Results Show Predictions

Posted by on March 10, 2011 at 6:15 PM EST

american idol predictionsAmerican Idol 2011 live results show predictions.

Tonight is the first official American Idol results show of the new 2011 season. So far this has been a pretty good season of American Idol, but after last night there are a couple of things that bug me. First off, the judges need to be more consistent. What I mean is that they are always telling the contestants to take a risk and make a song their own. Then when the contestants try to do that and fail, they chastise them. On another hand, if a contestant is good at something and sticks to it, they tell them that it is okay and to not fix what isn’t broken. The message is inconsistent at best. I also get annoyed when the judges apologize for being harsh. If they didn’t like a performance they say so, they apologize and tell the contestant that they loved them. Jennifer Lopez is the one that does this the most. It makes me miss Simon Cowell.

But the American Idol 2011 judge’s message aside, it all boils down to how the contestants sang last night as this first big vote comes down. There were some that were good like Pia Toscano and Casey Abrams. Some that were okay like James Durbin and Lauren Alaina and some that were not very good like Paul McDonald and Ashthon Jones.

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I was disappointed the most in Paul McDonald. I thought he chose a good song and that his interesting voice would shine on it, but he seemed to get lost in it and just didn’t have what the song needed to be spot on. Jacob Lusk has always annoyed me and last night was basically the same thing as he has been since day one. He blubbered his way through most of the song then hit a couple of stellar notes at the end. Stefano Langone was not very good either. He tried to “modernize” a classic song by Stevie Wonder and got owned by it and Naima Adedapo just tried to do too much. I give her props for switching the song up and giving it a reggae flavor, but the dance moves were awkward and her singing suffered because of them.

It is hard to say who will go home, but I have a feeling our bottom three on the American Idol results show will probably be Ashthon Jones, Naima Adedapo and Stefano Langone. They were all three wild card picks just to get into this round so the voters haven’t shown them the love in the past. When it is all said and done I think the first person voted out of American Idol 2011 this season will be Stefano Langone. I think Naima is just odd enough to have some fans and I think Ashthon has showed in the past that she can do better.

So far my predictions seem to be spotty at best so don’t take my word for it. Tune in tonight at 8pm on FOX to see the American Idol results show.



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