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American Idol Recap – Thursday March 10, 2011

Posted by on March 10, 2011 at 4:48 PM EST

american idol recapA recap of last night’s Americal Idol 2011 top 13 performancs.

Who dazzled, Who fizzled?  Let’s take a look at how the American Idol performances went last night (March 9, 2011).  Keep in mind; the Idol top 13 was performing a shorter version of a song once done by their favorite artists.

Lauren Alaina: sang Shania Twain’s “Any Man of Mine.”  None of the judges seemed impressed. Steven Tyler wanted to see more kick to the song, and Randy and J.Lo thought she could have picked a better song choice.

Casey Abrams: The charming contestant sang Joe Cocker’s cover of the Beatles song “Little Help from My Friends.”  Casey said he loves Cocker’s voice and “he doesn’t look that hot either, and he’s inspired that look for me!”  J. Lo said she asked Randy midsong, “What am I watching right now?”  Randy said, “I’m watching somebody important.”  He also said he is “so unbelievable, so exciting.”  Steven Tyler told him he was a “rainbow of talent.”  The American Idol judges loved him, did America?

Ashthon Jones: sang Diana Ross’s “When You Tell Me That You Love Me.”  She had a hard time hitting all of the notes.  Maybe it was nerves.  She was kept in the competition as a wild card from the judges.  They seemed disappointed with her performance.  She looked good though.

Paul McDonald: Paul gave an intense performance, as suggested by producer Iovine.  But vocally didn’t come across as he has in the past.  His voice is unique, and that’s pretty much what the judges said to him.  I’m hoping he stays, because I think he has talent.

Pia Toscano: sang Celine Dion’s “All By Myself.”  Snooze, boring.  But the judges didn’t think so.  They liked her version and were impressed.  I’m not saying the girl doesn’t have talent, but Celine Dion?  Boring.  Give a little bit of pizazz, nothing typical for a “singer” to perform.  Get edgy and out there. Oh well, I’m sure she’ll be around for next round.

James Durbin: sang Paul McCarntey’s “Maybe I’m Amazed.”  Randy told James he is one of his favorites in the competition.  He said “because he can sing pretty much anything,” and proclaimed “James Durbin is dangerous, America!”  He seems to be gaining more and more confidence each week. He’ll be here next week, I’m sure of it.

Haley Reinhart: covered LeAnn Rimes “Blue.”  The judges were torn on her performance, but America seems to like her, voting her into the Top 10.  We’ll see tonight on the American Idol live results show what’s in store for Haley.

Jacob Lusk: sang R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly.”  This guy kicks it out.  His voice is so powerful and is a great R&B singer.  The judges loved him.  I like this guy too. To win it all? Hmmm, not sure.

Thia Megia: sang Michael Jackson’s version of “Smile.”  This girl has such a mature voice, and looks so young and innocent.  The judges weren’t too impressed. But still remained nice in their comments.  J. Lo told her, “it doesn’t matter.  You sing like an angel.”

Stefano Langone: came through this week on the judges wild card pick.  He sang Stevie Wonder’s “Lately.”  He gave it a nice twist, and the judges seemed to have liked it saying Stevie would have been proud.

Karen Rodriguez: seemed to be a bit obsessed with Selena, and wasn’t concerned about sharing it with America.  She showed us Barbie dolls that she has of Selena, and talked about how her mother used to dress her up as Selena and take her around to sing.  She even had her wardrobe designed for last night’s performance to look like something Selena would wear.  Do you think J.Lo was a little freaked out, considering she portrayed her in the movie?  Well, she of course sang “I Could Fall in Love” by Selena.  Judges weren’t too impressed.  It didn’t help that Iovine cautioned her to save her voice.

Scotty McCreery: baseball, country music, boy next door.  Can he get anymore American pie or what?  Scott sang Garth Brooks’ “The River.”  He kept it true to original version and sounded good.

Naima Adedapo: sang Rihanna’s “Umbrella.”  Sorry, but I didn’t like it.  A few spots were interesting, but she tried too much, too soon.  Another wild card from the American Idol judges, so she really has to impress America.  Did she do it?  We’ll see.



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