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Real Housewives of Miami Ratings

Posted by on March 10, 2011 at 2:27 PM EST

cristy riceThe Real Housewives of Miami continue with the horrific ratings.

Another boring episode of Real Housewives of Miami aired last night and as much as I didn’t want to be, I was there to view it in its entirety. Other than my favorite Cuban Diva Queen Elsa making an appearance to declare she is a witch, the show was uneventful. I guess the only real big hoopla was in regards to Adriana De Moura and her gallery showing for a Brazilian artist, Marcos Marin. We watch her do nothing but run her mouth about how he is lazy and not completing the paintings needed for the show, then on the night of, she shows up hours after everyone else only to deliver a huge slap in the face to the artist Marcos. While at an opening for HIS art, she brings in another artist and has him create a painting. When one of his friends confronts her, she acts like a 5 year old saying it’s her gallery and her show, she can do what she wants.  Adriana is just so stereotypical of a Latina bitch that you want to smack the hell out of.

There was some talk about Cristy Rice not buying tickets to Lea’s gala but showing up anyway last night on Real Housewives of Miami. If this was New York Alex McCord would be ripping Jill Zarin a new one about the tickets right there at the gala and then again at the gallery opening! Where is the confrontation, ladies?!

Onto the one ray of sunshine in this pile of crap; my dear Elsa. Marysol Patton decides to drop in with her new boyfriend on Real Housewives of Miami, Philippe. It looks like it’s probably mid afternoon and Elsa is feeling no pain with a big glass of red in her hand. She is rambling on all kinds of nonsense, telling Philippe she saw Michael Jackson in a shirt like his and “there is nothing better looking than a macho man dressed like a girl.” Um…what? Then my favorite new line “I am not much of a drinker, but once I start drinking I feel good.” Well dammit, Elsa, don’t we all? I say put that on a t-shirt.

Next week, it looks like Philippe pops the question to Marysol, placing what looks like a small Volvo on her ring finger. What will Elsa have to say? Watch Real Housewives of Miami Tuesday on Bravo at 10/9c.



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