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American Idol 2011 Deaf Judges

Posted by on March 10, 2011 at 1:11 PM EST

american idol judgesThe American Idol 2011 judges have got to be deaf.

After watching American Idol 2011 last night, I am convinced the judges are deaf. Stefano Langone sang and received praise from Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson. I was sitting here screaming at my TV in a fit of rage because Stefano had just made my ears bleed. He is AWFUL and I honestly think the American Idol 2011 judges are deaf…no lie.

Maybe I am still bitter that Kendra Chantelle wasn’t picked, but clearly other people have to hear the same thing I am. Stefano Langone honestly makes my head hurt when he sings and I don’t think he deserves to be on American Idol 2011. Just because Jennifer Lopez has a crush on him; that’s the only reason he is there. Hopefully after half of America downed Advil and Tylenol last night they will vote him off.

Ryan Seacrest, if you are reading this please give the judges some extra large q-tips so they can clear out their ears. It’s obvious they are going through a deaf phase on American Idol 2011 by giving the awful Stefano Langone praise. I’m not even going to get into the Naima Adedapo reggae debacle of last night.



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