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Justin Bieber Riot Arrest

Posted by on March 10, 2011 at 12:38 PM EST

justin-bieber-riotJustin Bieber riot caused by Bieber Fever fans?

Houston we have a problem! A Justin Bieber Riot might happen soon as Bieber Fever fans show their love for Mr. Canada. TMZ reports that Bieber is currently quarantined in his Liverpool hotel and cannot leave until allowed to do so by the POLICE. Evidently there are tons of screaming tweens outside of the hotel and police have told Justin Bieber he will be arrested if he goes out on his balcony. Come on Bieber, walk outside…I want to see you get thrown in jail! (Thank god Selena Gomez isn’t over there in that mess)

I am just kidding, a Justin Bieber Riot would be awful and I don’t want any fans to get hurt. Although, they are a little wacked out for being a part of the Bieber Fever cult. Regardless, TMZ says Biebs is following police orders and staying put in his hotel room.

Check out the Justin Bieber Riot photo; that looks serious! Hopefully the crowd dies down before Biebs experiences Bieber Cabin Fever.



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