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Whale Wars Season 3 Finale Sets Records on Animal Planet

Posted by on September 3, 2010 at 4:08 PM EST

whale warsThe Season 3 finale of Whale Wars received a record-breaking amount of viewers last week.

Animal Planet’s hit television show, Whale Wars, broke records last week with its Season 3 finale. Captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherds captivated audiences around the world on their ongoing mission to stop Japanese whaling practices.

Viewers around the world joined in to last weeks Whale Wars Season 3 finale as the battle in the oceans of Antarctica waged on. Animal Planet released a statement that the finale, entitled “To The Ends Of The Earth,” received over 1 million viewers.

For Captain Paul Watson, Whale Wars Season 3 has been the most successful anti-whaling campaign since the show debuted on Animal Planet. On top of his massive ship the Steve Irwin, Watson has added two more vessels to the fleet. The Bob Barker, which was a ship made possible by a gracious donation of $5 million by the TV host himself, Bob Barker, joined the fleet in 2009.

The secret weapon to the Sea Shepherds anti-whaling campaign came when Pete Bethune and his highly maneuverable carbon fiber ship, The Ady Gil, joined Captain Paul Watson’s fleet. With the addition of the two new ships, Whale Wars Season 3 was sure to be one hell of a season for the Sea Shepherds.

It turns out that the Japanese whaling fleet had also prepared for the whaling season. Armed with bigger water cannons, high-frequency noise devices and pressurized rifles, the Japanese were prepared to battle against the Sea Shepherds.

Tragedy struck the Sea Shepherds campaign mid-season when one of the Japanese whaling ships collided with the Ady Gil. For Pete Bethune emotions were high as his lifework, the Ady Gil, sank to the bottom of the frigid Antarctic waters.

Ultimately, the sinking of the Ady Gil led Pete Bethune to board one of the Japanese whaling ships. Animal Planet aired Bethune as he boarded the Japanese vessel in its Whale Wars Season 3 finale. Pete Bethune was detained on the ship and then held in a Japanese prison for several months.

Bethune, who’s tragedy and heroicness captivated audiences around the world, could very well be the reason behind the record-breaking numbers of viewers during the Whale Wars Season 3 finale.

Despite the loss of Pete Bethune’s Ady Gil and the jail time that he served, the Sea Shepherds’ 2010 Anti-Whaling campaign was a major success.

Whale Wars Season 3 may have ended on a high note but Animal Planet is not yet done with the Sea Shepherds Anti-Whaling campaign.



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