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Thia Megia Live on American Idol 2011

Posted by on March 9, 2011 at 7:47 PM EST

thia megia liveYoungster Thia Megia sings Michael Jackson tonight on American Idol 2011.

Thia Megia is the youngest contestant left in the competition in this season of American Idol 2011 and tonight she takes what might be her biggest risk so far when she takes on the Michael Jackson song “Smile.” The song was actually originally recorded by Nat King Cole in 1954 then Michael recorded it for his album HIStory. At a listen it would appear that this is a perfect song for her. It is smooth and should allow her to settle into a groove. The problem is that it is has been recorded by two iconic performers and sometimes stepping out of that shadow is not easy.

I feel like Thia Megia will need to flip the song and make it her own if she wants to be really successful with it. She is lucky that it isn’t an enormously popular Michael Jackson song and Michael sings it in a steady voice and key. Thia could opt to take the high parts and kick them up, show off her range and power and take what is a quiet, pretty song and turn it into a power ballad. She has the voice to do it, now we just have to see if she will pull it off. We can watch tonight on American Idol 2011 to see what Thia does with Michael’s song.



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