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Charlie Sheen Odds: Winning Prop Bets

Posted by on March 9, 2011 at 4:09 PM EST

charlie sheen oddsCharlie Sheen’s recent antics pose for tons of cash for online betting sites; odds are already set and the prop bets are in place.

Charlie Sheen Odds is something we all knew would come as a direct result of the actor’s latest rants. It turns out that online betting sites are already letting their gamblers place bets on Mr. Winning. BODOG has already put up three different Charlie Sheen prop bets. Two and a Half Men, HDNET and Arrests are the subject of then Sheen odds.

Charlie Sheen Odds / Prop Bets:

  • If Charlie Sheen is replaced on Two and a Half Men, who will replace him? Odds favor Rob Lowe with John Stamos coming in a close 2nd place. The other three choices are Hugh Grant, Emilio Estevez and Robert Downey Jr.
  • Will Charlie Sheen be arrested in 2011? Odds favor Charlie Sheen on NOT getting arrested…go figure.
  • Will Charlie Sheen have his own show on HDNET in 2011? This one is up in the air because of Sheen’s Korner but as of right now, odds are in favor of Charlie Sheen NOT getting his own show on HDNET.

Let you inner gambler free with the latest Charlie Sheen Odds on the celebrity prop bets. Also make sure you buckle up as we are far from the end of this wild  ride on Sheen’s rollercoaster of WINNING.



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