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Space Shuttle Discovery Landing

Posted by on March 9, 2011 at 3:24 PM EST

space shuttle discovery landingDid you miss the Space Shuttle Discovery landing Live stream?

NASA TV had a Space Shuttle Discovery Live Stream active to allow viewers to watch the final landing earlier today. In case you missed the Discovery landing, it is now available via YouTube video. It was pretty phenomenal watching the Space Shuttle Discovery landing today, everyone should at least watch once as a historic craft ended its journey.

Again, if you missed the Space Shuttle Discovery landing today at Kennedy Space Center there is no need to worry. I have included the video clip below that shows Discovery making its final approach and then touching down, marking the last mission it will ever partake in. Congratulations are in order the the crew of the Space Shuttle Discovery as well as everyone at NASA who made their final voyage go off without a hitch.

Enjoy the Space Shuttle Discovery landing video below:



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