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The Real World: Las Vegas 2011 Cast

Posted by on March 9, 2011 at 1:28 PM EST

the real world las vegasThe Real World: Las Vegas premieres tonight on MTV.

The Real World Las Vegas 2011 premieres tonight on MTV and marks the 25th season for the reality show. In preparation for tonight’s premiere, we should introduce The Real World Las Vegas Cast so we know whose lives we will be watching.

The Real World: Las Vegas will air tonight at 10|9c on MTV and we have sneak peek at season 25’s 7 roommates:

  • Heather – 21-year-old New Jersey native loves to party. Her Real World cast bio say she was admitted into the hospital at age 14 for alcohol poisoning. I have a feeling Heather will be this season’s alchy who causes nothing but drunken drama.
  • Nany – Yet another young lady (21) joins The Real World Las Vegas cast and Nany seems like a typical good girl. She is currently trying to attain a Criminal Justice degree and wants to eventually become a parole officer. Will Nany become unhinged by the temptations that Las Vegas has to offer?
  • Naomi – How can you go wrong with a hot 22-year-old with the name Naomi! We all know what that spells backwards but how will she deal with the craziness that will go down on MTV’s hit reality show? Something tells me she will not turn out as innocent as she seems.
  • Adam – This 22-year-old from Maine made his claim to fame by becoming a drug dealer. Adam did time in jail and says that changed his life forever. He seems like the typical “my life was hard, but jail changed me” type deal…lame. You will receive no sympathy from me my friend.
  • Michael – Virginia native, 23-year-old Michael joins The Real World Las Vegas cast and has quite an interesting past. His parents were involved in drugs when he was growing up; what is it with this season and drug dealers?
  • Dustin – Southern boy Dustin is from Louisiana and MTV claims he is the nicest roommate in the house. I expect at least one of the young ladies to fall in love with this kid and thus we will have our Season 25 in-house romance.
  • Leroy – Being the oldest of the house at age 25, Leroy seems like your typical “ladies man.” He prides himself on his “system” of picking up ladies and it should be interesting to see how his fellow female roommates deal with his womanizing antics.

Make sure you tune in tonight for The Real World: Las Vegas season premiere at 10|9c on MTV.



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