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Amanda Seyfried’s Failed Fairytale Romances

Posted by on March 8, 2011 at 5:05 PM EST

amanda seyfriedAmanda Seyfried opens up about her not so fairytale romances.

Fairytale endings are standard on screen, but when the spotlights dim, reality is often markedly different. Amanda Seyfried is starring in her own fairytale as the lead actress in “Red Riding Hood.” She has often starred in “chick flick” romances with somewhat predictable but satisfyingly happy endings as the gorgeous girl who has it all. Yet while Seyfried is indeed stunning, a recent real-life romance has scarred the starlet, wrenching away any hopes of a “happily ever after” with him.

While there has been a bunch of rumors swarming about Amanda’s possible fling with fellow actor Ryan Philippe, when asked about it, Amanda Seyfried seems hardly impressed, saying, “Um, yeah. I’ve been ‘seen’ with him.” But Seyfried showed much more feeling and passion when talking in a recent interview with Elle, where she revealed “I got my heart broken pretty hard.”

The man responsible for the heartbreaking is Dominic Cooper, who Amanda Seyfried had an intermittent relationship with until last May. She explains that she was deceived in thinking that Cooper and his ex-girlfriend “were done and Dom and I were involved,” but apparently, her affections were not returned to the same extent.

Luckily, Amanda Seyfried now seems enthused to embark on new romantic exploits, as she has candidly admired actor Michael Fassbender, saying: “I’d really love to make out with [him]. Put me in a movie with that guy. I’m serious. Wow.”



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