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Charlie Sheen Screwed or Shrewd?

Posted by on March 8, 2011 at 2:24 PM EST

charlie sheen warner brosIs Charlie Sheen screwed or shrewd?

Charlie Sheen is an unemployed “winner.” This is the claim on Sheen’s Twitter page, anyway (which already has over 2 million followers). But in what ways is Charlie Sheen actually winning? The 46-year-old actor was recently fired, after all, and is no longer the highest paid TV actor on air. But according to Sheen, a clause in his contract could financially protect him despite having been sacked.

Charlie Sheen’s reps call it the “Michael J. Fox” clause, because Fox had stipulated in his contract with “Spin City” that he would continue to get paid for as long as the show was in production. So when Fox stopped acting on the show, he continued making bank. Sheen reportedly has the same clause in his contract-

Except Warner Bros. is saying that that clause is nullified, because they had a reason for terminating Sheen’s contract.

Charlie Sheen has been awful cocky lately, and badmouthing his employers was the final straw for Warner Bros. Recently, Sheen has also said, “I didn’t like that show anyway or those dumb bowling shirts they made me wear. Now I’m free.”  Insulting Two-and-a-Half Men directly seems like a poor move that is unlikely to buy Sheen much sympathy in court.

Still, Sheen could have found a potentially lucrative niche online. “Sheen’s Korner” is a live streaming show Sheen has launched that has already gained hundreds of thousands of views. But if Charlie Sheen hopes to earn anywhere near what he was making before, the actor will probably have to get hired by another network, which seems highly unlikely right now given Sheen’s seemingly unhinged state.



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