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The Amazing Race 18 March 6, 2011

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amazing race 18The Amazing Race 18 recap; March 6, 2011.

As the new episode of The Amazing Race 18 began all the teams were on an overnight train ride back to Sydney, Australia where they grabbed flights to Tokyo, Japan. There were two flights to choose from.  A non-stop flight was the safe bet, but a second flight that had a short layover landed 15 minutes before the non-stop. If the gamble paid off it could mean a 15 minute lead. Five teams took the gamble and it didn’t work out. The connecting flight was delayed by an hour so they landed 45 minutes behind instead of 15 minutes ahead.

The teams get their rental cars (they are very small compact cars that the Globetrotters barely fit into) and head to the first clue. The first challenge has one member from a team put on a samurai warrior’s outfit then doing a series of ritual poses before having to get on a fake horse and shot a bow and arrow at a target. Ron and Christina arrive first. Ron takes The Amazing Race 18 challenge and can’t pull it together. He sees teams pass him as he struggles to do the challenge. He finally does it, but they are now somewhere in the middle of the pack.

From there the teams make their way across crowded Tokyo (the driving conditions are insane and they are all having trouble with directions) to the location of the road block. They must choose between the Prayer of Purity or the Frog of Life challenges. The prayer would have them participate in a Shinto cleansing ritual by learning a prayer then standing under a waterfall for one minute. The frog challenge has them strip down to something that looks like a diaper sumo wrestlers wear and hunt for a frog figurine in giant mud pit while other people throw mud at them.

Zev and Justin who are now in first place choose the frog. The diapers are funny looking, it is about 40 degrees outside and the mud is wet, nasty and looks very cold. Zev finds the frog, they hose off, and get out of there while still in their diapers. The clue sends them to The Amazing Race 18 pit stop and they dress as they drive.  The Globetrotters and Ron and Christine try the prayer. The Globetrotters get their first and complete the task first which looks very cold as you stand under a punishing waterfall. As they leave they grab their bags and head down the mountain to the changing room. Once there, they realize that they had accidently grabbed Christina’s fanny pack that had all her and her dad’s documents and money in it. They end up just leaving it there. As Ron and Christine finish one step of the challenge they realize the pack is gone. Ron runs down the hill and finds it and they are very angry that the Globetrotters didn’t bring it back to them once they realized what had happened.

Meanwhile,all of the other teams have opted for the frog challenge. Jet and Cord fly through it; the goths actually do well at it while Margie and Luke struggle. Gary and Mallory have no problem finding the frog. As they leave Mallory tells the guys that are throwing the mud that two redheaded cheerleaders will be coming soon and they are going to look great in the diapers. The guys cheer.  The cheerleaders hit some bad luck…literally. While driving to the road block they clipped another car and damaged the mirror on that car. The car’s owner insisted on calling the police. It was all cleared up, but cost them a lot of valuable time.

Back at the Amazing Race 18 mud pit it occurs to me that Luke is prone to tantrums. When things don’t go his way quickly he gets angry and throws fits. His mom Margie is the one that carries that team. Here is no different. He gets angry as they look for the frog and basically gives up, but she finds it.

Team after team finds the frog, but Mel and Mike just can’t do it. They are both covered in mud and freezing. Mike tries to convince his dad Mel to stop before he hurts himself, but he won’t give in. Mel even tells him he would rather die here with him than home in bed. It is melodramatic, but clearly Mel wants to win. But it wasn’t meant to be. They just can’t find that frog. Meanwhile, the cheerleaders arrive after their accident and immediately find the frog. Once they leave Mel and Mike know the gig is up and they call it a night.

At the Amazing Race 18 pit stop the Globetrotters finish third with Ron and Christina fourth. When they tell Phil about the fanny pack issue, he assesses the Globetrotters a 30 minute penalty which puts Ron & Christina third and eventually knocks the Globetrotters back to fifth.

Zev & Justin hold their lead and come in first followed by Gary & Mallory second. Ron& Christina are third, Kisha& Jen are fourth followed by the Globetrotters in fifth. Jet & Cord grab sixth with Kent &Vyxsin in seventh. Margie & Luke finish in eight followed by the cheerleaders Jamie & Cara in ninth (they are actually shocked that they aren’t last. Mel and Mike had gone to their car to warm up when the cheerleaders arrived so they never saw them and assumed they were last). Mel and Mike didn’t finish the road block and finish last. They are eliminated.



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