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Celebrity Apprentice 2011 Recap

Posted by on March 7, 2011 at 5:01 PM EST

celebrity apprenticeCelebrity Apprentice 2011 aired last night on NBC.

Last night was the season premiere of The Celebrity Apprentice 2011 and it wasted no time getting right to the drama. Donald Trump met the new cast at Radio City Music Hall and spoke with a few of them about their charities. He then split the cast into two groups. It is going to be men VS women and everyone seemed happy about that. He then sent them back to Trump Plaza where they would come up with their team name and pick a project manager. The project manager is going in blind because they have no idea what the project will be.

On the Celebrity Apprentice 2011 women’s team is: singer Dionne Warwick, Playboy Playmate Hope Dworaczyk,  actor Lisa Rinna, actor Marlee Matlin, Reality TV personality NeNe Leakes, Supermodel Niki Taylor, TV Host Star Jones and Latoya Jackson. After a few suggestions the women come up with the name ASAP which stands for Artists, Singers, Authors and Professionals, but within a few minutes it seems none of them can remember it correctly. Marlee does show them a cool way to say the name in sign language with a little attitude. The group suggests Star Jones be the project manager and after some coaxing she agrees.

The men’s team is made up of actor Gary Busey, singer John Rich, baseball player Jose Conseco, rapper Lil Jon, singer Mark McGrath, singer Meat Loaf, Survivor winner Richard Hatch and singer/actor David Cassidy. After some brainstorming the guys choose the name Backbone. Richard Hatch offers to be project manager and the guys let him take it.

Trump tells the group that they will be managing a pizza place. They will be open for five hours and must make, sell and if they choose to offer delivery, they must deliver the pizza. They are encouraged to get all of their rich and famous friends down there. The team that makes the most money wins and the project manager from the winning team banks all the money earned by both teams for their charity.

The Celebrity Apprentice 2011 teams go to work and clearly both project managers are pretty bad. Hatch is pushy, arrogant and self-absorbed. At one point when David Cassidy tries to make a suggestion he literally pushes him aside and tells him, “Not now.” Star Jones gives everyone their jobs and then spends most of the afternoon working on some pretty detailed and fancy printed materials that really won’t be used much or worth much to them. There is rift between Jones and Lisa Rinna right away, but both are trying to take the high ground. Both teams learn to make the pizza, make their calls and get a plan.

The next day as they open up the women seem to come out the gate the fastest. They have a lot of customers coming in and Russell Simmons stops by and donates $5,000 to the cause. They are working well together; the only slow part is Dionne Warwick who is having trouble working the register.

The guys have some trouble finding a role for Gary Busey. Busey is clearly insane and can’t be trusted to handle most things. Then end up dressing him like a crazy preacher and have him walk the streets trying to drum up business.

Both teams get some celebs in and get some big donations then Star Jones hits a grand slam. A business owner friend of hers stops in and buys 40 pizzas at $1,000 each.  During this time celebrity chef Curtis Stone stops by both shops and tries both pizzas. He likes the women’s more and offers them a chance to a big donation. They have to deliver 8 pizzas to a fire hall and the fireman there will have a check for them, but the women don’t know for how much. Suddenly they are in over their heads and have to make 48 pizzas and deliver them in a very short time. Jones gets on the phone and her friend agrees to have just one pizza delivered and will still give them then $40,000. Jones makes the decision to shut down the shop so they can focus on these two big orders. They get the pizzas done, but traffic is such a snarl that they only deliver the $40,000 pizza and can’t make it to the fire hall on time.

Back at the Celebrity Apprentice 2011 boardroom both teams felt they won. Trump tells the women that by missing out on the fire hall delivery they missed out on a $35,000 donation. Lisa Rinna and Star Jones trade barbs over whose fault it was that the delivery didn’t get done. It doesn’t matter though. The guys made $55,000 while the women made $115,000 and crushed them. Jones banks $170,000 for her charity and is asked by Trump who her best player was. She chose Niki Taylor who worked her ass off making pizzas. Niki gets the $35,000 for her charity.

Once the women are gone the men close ranks and pretty much call out Richard Hatch. They clearly don’t like him. Jose Conseco can’t stand him and when asked agrees that he would love to punch him. David Cassidy is pissed that Hatch physically pushed him around, talked down to him and was disrespectful. Hatch is an ego maniac. He says several demeaning things to Cassidy and tells Conseco that he isn’t smart enough to compete with him. In the end it comes down to Hatch, Conseco and Cassidy and Cassidy is clearly out of his element. Trump tells him that he is a big fan and that Cassidy is maybe the biggest star on his team, but that he just didn’t seem to belong here and fires him. Cassidy is a little upset, but almost seems relieved.

There were a lot of fireworks and we are only on the first episode of Celebrity Apprentice 2011. I have a feeling this is going to be an entertaining season.



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