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Demi Lovato Rehab

Posted by on March 7, 2011 at 1:41 PM EST

demi lovato rehabDemi Lovato opens up, post rehab.

For Disney star Demi Lovato rehab ended in December, but now is the first time that she is opening up about her experiences. Lovato spent two months in rehab, during which she received treatment for “emotional and physical issues,” which reportedly include self-injury and an eating disorder.

It’s possible that Disney may not plan on continuing to employ Demi Lovato post rehab, as they have changed the name of her show from “Sonny with a Chance,” to “So Random.” However, Lovato did not comment on whether or not she will be returning to the network. Instead, the teen star has indicated that she is “excited to get back to work.”

On Monday, Lovato released a video where she talks about rehab for the first time. The video was recorded in Lovato’s own home, and the teenager looks bright eyed and healthy after what she describes as “probably the darkest time in my life.” (Demi Lovato rehab)

Demi Lovato also thanks fans for their support, which she claims was invaluable to her recovery. In her video, she also acknowledges that her personal issues are common problems that teenagers struggle with, adding, “I hope to one day raise awareness of everything just so I can help people, too, just like you guys helped me through this rough time.”



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