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Happy 90210 Day in Beverly Hills

Posted by on September 2, 2010 at 3:20 PM EST

beverly hills 90210Celebrate your love for Beverly Hills 90210 on this special day!

Today’s Date 9/02/10 may not be anything special to some people, but to fans of the once very popular (and now rebooted) TV show Beverly Hills 90210, it is a day to remember.

90210 is the actual zip code for Beverly Hills, not something made up in Hollywood because it rolls off the tongue. For most of its existence, only those who lived there or did business there knew the zip code. It was just another zip code in another US city. Then in 1990 Fox aired the teen drama TV show Beverly Hills 90210. The show would last 10 years and make stars of its young cast. It also made the zip code a household name.

Now Beverly Hills is celebrating. As 90210 day unfolds there is a party being thrown in its honor. The city is throwing a concert hosted by Larry King that will be headlined by Natasha Bedingfield. The concert is being accompanied by a three-day-long food and wine festival called The Taste Of Beverly Hills.

The script for the original pilot of the show was titled The Class of Beverly Hills, but the name was changed before the pilot was green-lighted and put into production. The show quickly became a phenomenon. It was everyone’s guilty pleasure. Beverly Hills 90210 was one of those shows that everyone watched, but nobody admitted to watching.

Beverly Hills has always been a famous city. It is known the world over for its shopping, food, glamour and expensive houses. It is the home to the stars and a name that is associated with wealth, fame and luxury. For decades it was known for the shops, restaurants and the people that lived there. Then one little show came along and changed all that. Now it is just as famous for its zip code as it is for anything else and the city is celebrating that fact. Perhaps fans of the show can put a DVD of the show into the player, pour themselves some wine and celebrate along with the city. Just don’t tell anyone you actually own all the episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 on DVD and your friends will still think you are cool.



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