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Adam Sandler Dies: Twitter Death Rumors

Posted by on March 7, 2011 at 9:01 AM EST

adam sandler deathAdam Sandler dead at age 44; just another Twitter death rumor.

Adam Sandler dead has resurfaced as the actor/comedian has died online…once again. If you remember back in December Sandler death rumors spread across the internet like wildfire. Last time the rumors said Adam Sandler had died in a skiing accident; they were false. Much like last year’s death rumors, the new ones are  just a hoax, they are not true at all.

Some idiot decided that Adam Sandler death rumors would be a cool thing to start the week off with. Of course for both Sandler and his fans this is not funny at all, these rumors that famous celebrities have died get old real fast. Hopefully we can nip this one in the butt before it spreads anymore. Like I said, Adam Sandler dead is just an online rumor, the actor/comedian is still very much alive.



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