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Celebrity Apprentice 2011: Niki Taylor

Posted by on March 6, 2011 at 2:13 PM EST

niki taylorSupermodel Niki Taylor joins Celebrity Apprentice 2011.

Every season on Celebrity Apprentice 2011 there is always at least one “hottie.” This season there are two and Niki Taylor is one of them. Niki will be competing on the show as she tries to earn money for the American Red Cross. Niki is simply described as a Supermodel and at one time she was one of the biggest, best known models in the world. A car accident forever changed her life, but she seems to have come back from that and appearing on this show could be a step back into a bigger role in the public eye again.

From the time she became a model at the age of 13 Niki Taylor was a hit. She was on the cover of Seventeen when she was 14 and on the cover of Vogue at 15. In 1996 she set a record by appearing on the covers of six major women’s fashion magazines at the same time. Tragedy struck in May of 2001 when Niki was critically injured in a car accident when a car driven by her then boyfriend hit a utility pole. She was wearing her seatbelt, but still suffered major injuries. She was unconscious for six weeks and bedridden for another month after waking up. She had to have 56 different operations and intense physical therapy.  In 2007 she sued the E! Entertainment Network for slander and emotional distress. They did a profile on her promising to promote her success along with struggles from the accident, but instead they misrepresented her as a failure whose life had been filled with tragedy. Niki Taylor claimed this show alarmed a cosmetics company that she was negotiating with to start a line of cosmetics under her name. The suit was settled out of court.

I have a feeling that Niki Taylor will do well on Celebrity Apprentice. She has shown she is a fighter and as a model she knows how to charm people. If she wants to, she should be able to go deep into the competition.



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