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Paris Hilton Banned In Wynn Las Vegas Baby!

Posted by on September 2, 2010 at 2:52 PM EST

paris hiltonParis Hilton banned from Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas coming off her recent cocaine debacle.

Could the fame whore whose name is Paris Hilton please get out! Those are the words that the Hilton Hotel princess and her boyfriend-of-the-moment, Cy Waits, recently heard from two Wynn resorts in Las Vegas.

Coming off her recent arrest for cocaine possession, Paris Hilton has now been officially banned from entering two of the Wynn resorts on the Vegas strip.

Jennifer Dunne, a spokesperson for Wynn, released this quite simple statement to the associated press: “Hilton is no longer welcome at Wynn Las Vegas and Encore.” I love the details that the press release goes into. It’s just a flat out, we don’t want you here Paris Hilton, thank you and have a nice day.

Hilton’s boyfriend, Cy Waits, who was a manager at two of the Wynn resort nightclubs, was terminated from his positions and banned from the entering the two Wynn resorts, alongside Paris.

Of course this whole banned in Las Vegas debacle is a direct result to the incident involving the couple last week. Hilton and Waits were driving when a police officer noticed smoke billowing from the windows of the vehicle. The police officer, which wasn’t born yesterday, flipped on the good old lights and sirens and pulled the car over. He immediately noticed blood shot eyes and the smell of marijuana and alcohol.

Cy Waits, who was subjected to two field sobriety tests, failed both of them miserably and was sent directly to jail with a bail of $2,000. Paris Hilton, while her boyfriend was getting arrested, rifled through her purse for her lip balm. Hilton had to look good, even for the police! It turns out though, Paris should have just forgotten about the lip balm. Amidst her lip balm hunt, a baggie containing .08 grams of cocaine fell out of her purse.

Cops immediately spotted the bag of cocaine and arrested Paris Hilton for possession.

What was supposed to be a night out on the Vegas strip turned into a world of trouble for both Paris Hilton and Cy Waits.

Paris Hilton is scheduled to appear in court on October 27th and faces probation if found guilty of cocaine possession.

Regardless of whether or not they are found guilty, Hilton and Waits are still both banned from the Wynn resorts in Las Vegas.



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