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Miley Cyrus Naughty or Nice on SNL?

Posted by on March 4, 2011 at 11:34 AM EST

miley cyrus snlWill Miley Cyrus be naughty or nice on Saturday Night Live?

Miley Cyrus has had her share of mixed press over the past few months. The 18-year-old star memorably grabbed headlines when took a bong hit of salvia, something she later admitted regretting. But will she seek to re-instate her “good girl” image when she hosts SNL tomorrow?

It may depend on what her PR agents advise. Maintaining a clean image can be vital in Hollywood, especially when the majority of your fans belong to a young target audience. When Miley Cyrus admitted regret over doing salvia, she explained that it was in part because she is supposed to be a good role model for kids. That type of pressure can be very daunting, and 18 is also an age when people want to be able to express themselves. My guess is that Miley will be candid and coy on SNL, but I doubt she will go for controversial.

In related news, Miley Cyrus has admitted to being inspired by SNL after watching “The Miley Cyrus Show,” where Vanessa Bayer impersonates her. Yesterday on Jimmy Kimmel she explained how she and her friends would stage their own episodes of the show.  According to Cyrus, “We started doing our own little acting exercises and started writing our own ‘Miley Cyrus Show’. I was the producer of that; I watched them all, and we had special guests. One of my friends does a really good Keira Knightley”



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