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Lil Kim Bites Back

Posted by on March 4, 2011 at 11:22 AM EST

lil kimLil Kim bites back at Nicki Minaj; beef heats up.

It’s hard to be unique in the music industry nowadays. Many schticks have been schtuck before, and there are many carbon copy performers whose cookie cutter aesthetic is eagerly digested by the pop thirsty crowd. But  Lil Kim is not a fan of this mentality, and she has become increasingly miffed about Nicki Minaj, who sports a similar style to the rap queen.

Lil Kim has spoken out about Nicki Minaj being a “clone clown” more than once, but only recently have things escalated to this: Lil Kim has released an entire mixtape project bent on discrediting Nicki Minaj and re-establishing Lil Kim’s reign over rap. It’s called “Black Friday,” the cover of which shows Lil Kim armed with a bloody sword alongside a dismembered body that’s clothed in the same gear Minaj sports in “Pink Friday.” Seriously.

35-year-old Lil Kim claims that she is so heated because Minaj is stealing her style, and has spoken in a radio interview about how other female rappers need to move aside.

The whole thing seems petty and about as serious as a “walk-off” on Zoolander, but Lil Kim is clearly peeved about the whole thing. It appears as though Lil Kim is a bit envious of Minaj’s youth and current amount of media attention.

I don’t want to make Lil Kim mad or anything, but the lady is kind of scary! Yes, Minaj was clearly influenced by Lil Kim’s style, but if what Minaj is doing works for her, why can Lil Kim act with class instead of reacting like a caged animal?

According to Lil Kim, “People gotta know that I’m not stupid, but I’m having fun. I’m protecting my brand and my empire at this moment.”



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