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American Idol 2011: Paul McDonald, Jacob Lusk, Robbie Rosen

Posted by on March 3, 2011 at 7:54 PM EST

jacob luskWill Paul McDonald, Jacob Lusk and Robbie Rosen make the American Idol Top 13 finalists?

Tonight on American Idol Season 10 we see which of the top 12 guys will get the most votes and be fast tracked into the top 10 finalists. There will be five guys and five girls voted on by the viewers. Each of them is guaranteed a spot in the (rumored) top 13. While I covered who I thought would be a lock to make it into the top five in a different article, there are just as many guys who could easily not make it (Paul McDonald), or are right on the cusp. These are the wild cards that could go either way.

Here are my top three wild cards from the American Idol 2011 top 12 guys. These are guys that I won’t be shocked to see make it, but will not be shocked if they don’t.

Jacob Lusk is a guy who many think is lock to make the top five and they might be right. He has a big range in his voice and has a huge potential, but I have to admit, I find his style of singing mostly annoying. I have said to a friend that when he sings I feel like I am watching Eddie Murphy in make-up doing a character of an over the top gospel singer. As I say, he has talent and could go far on American Idol 2011, but I know I am not the only one he annoys so I won’t be shocked if he doesn’t make it on votes.

Paul McDonald has a great, interesting voice and while I think he will get in on votes, he isn’t a lock by any means. Throughout the competition he has always shined. The American Idol Judges are always saying that they are looking for something different and he is different. However, just because the judges want something different doesn’t mean the voters do. He should make it in, but very well may not.

Robbie Rosen is one of those guys who has a good voice, but is kind of forgettable. Every time I see him I remember thinking to myself:  “What does he sound like again?” I also was not impressed with his version of “In the Arms of the Angel.” Still, I think that a lot of people will vote for him and I think he has a growing fan base so I won’t be at all shocked if he makes it in on votes.

These three are my wild cards for tonight’s American Idol 2011 top five guy’s selection. They are on the fence and might need some help from the judges, but if they do get in, any of them is capable of making a decent run in this competition.



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