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American Idol 2011 Wild Card Girls

Posted by on March 3, 2011 at 8:09 PM EST

julie zorrillaWho will the judges pick to be an American Idol Top 13 Finalist?

In my eyes the competition among the Top 12 American Idol girls is so close that any of them could make it into the top five tonight.  With the competition this close there are sure to be some wild cards. Here are my top three American Idol Wild Cards for the girls: Ashthon Jones, Karen Rodriguez and Julie Zorrilla.

Ashthon Jones has been getting better and better with each episode and she came on strong last night with her version of “Love Over Me.” She could easily make it into the top five on the viewer’s votes, but it is also possible that people will see her as a little bit too much of a generic “diva” type singer and pass her by. She is an American Idol wild card because if she does get in, she is a threat to go deep into the competition.

Karen Rodriguez took a risk last night when she sang a Mariah Carey song and chose to do it in both English and Spanish. For the most part she pulled it off and it could propel her into the top five, but the bilingual part of it could throw some viewers off and take votes away from her. There are some people who will think the American Idol should speak English only. Also, she has kind of been a blur during the competition and hasn’t stood out a whole lot so she could be in danger.

Julie Zorrilla has a great story and is gorgeous and up until last night she has performed very well. However, her version of Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway” was rough, it even bordered on bad. I have a feeling that ether nerves or an indecisiveness as to where to go with the song got the better of her. She has been a bright spot in the competition so far, but didn’t do herself any favors. Still, if she can make it into the top five tonight she could be a real threat.

These three American Idol wild cards all could get in on votes. They could all not make it in or they might need some help from the judges. They were just good enough to make it to the fence so anything could happen.

Tune in tonight at 8PM on FOX for American Idol 2011 and see what fate these three women meet.



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