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American Idol Finalists: Pia Toscano, Lauren Alaina, Thia Megia

Posted by on March 3, 2011 at 7:59 PM EST

pia toscanoTonight the American Idol 2011 finalists will be named, here are my female predictions.

American Idol Finalists: Pia Toscano, Lauren Alaina and Thia Megia. These are the three girls I think are a lock to make the American Idol 2011 top five girls voted in tonight and move on into the top 13 finalists round of Idol Season 10.

In my eyes the competition among the girls is much tighter and more competitive than it is between the guys. It is going to be hard to choose which of the girls deserve to be in the top five American Idol Finalists and there is sure to be some controversy surrounding those who make it and those who don’t. In this cloud I feel Pia, Lauren and Thia all are sure things.

Lauren Alaina shows maturity beyond her 16 years as she tore it up with “Turn Up the Radio.” She has a great personality and seems like a fun, cool, down to earth person. The voters should love her and reward her with a spot in the top five.

Thia Megia has impressed everyone throughout this competition. When you see her and hear her it is hard to remember that she is just 15 years old. Her haunting, quiet rendition of “Out Here on My Own” last night guaranteed her a spot as one of the top 13 American Idol Finalists and proved that she has something most of the other contestants don’t; she has a sense of drama. While the other American Idol contestants were competing over who could hit the highest note and or be the most powerful, Thia simply brought it down, made it intimate and stunned the crowd.

Pia Toscano has been doing well throughout the competition. She has always been one of those that you thought had a little something more than she might be showing. She brought it out last night. As Jennifer Lopez noted after Pia’s stirring rendition of “I’ll Stand by You” Pia saved her big guns for when it counted most. She has the whole package. She can sing, has a good sense of timing and good looks.

If there is one thing you can always say about American Idol it is that they always seem to surprise. There are no guarantees that any of these girls I have highlighted will make it, but to me they were the three biggest standouts and I would be very shocked if they didn’t make it into the Top five American Idol Finalists (female) tonight.

You can see it all unfold tonight at 8PM on FOX as American Idol 2011 slims down to their finalists.



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