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American Idol Top 13

Posted by on March 3, 2011 at 6:34 PM EST

american idol finalistsAmerican Idol 2011 Top 13 Finalists.

Tonight is a big night on American Idol 2011. They will, reportedly, narrow down the remaining 24 contestants to just the American Idol Top 13 finalists. Ten of those picks will come from the viewers with the top five vote getting guys and girls each making it in. After those ten are selected it will be up to the judges to do the rest. Supposedly each judge will get a pick and those three selections (the wild cards if you will) will round out the top 13. Will Chris Medina reappear?

UPDATE: American Idol 2011 Top 13

There could be all kinds of surprises as the American Idol Top 13 is unveiled. When the votes come in there are sure to be people that made it into the top five that were not expected to and there are certain to be people that were expected to make it that don’t . It will then be up to the American Idol 2011 judges to decide who they want to save and bring in. If you remember a handful of seasons back Clay Aiken was a wildcard pick and he ended up finishing second behind winner Ruben Studdard.

American Idol loves drama and they love controversy so I would not be surprised to see the judges do something crazy. What if Jennifer Lopez decides to get really crazy and brings back Chris Medina instead of one of the top 24? While I doubt that will happen, you never known.

Once the fans and judges have assembled the American Idol Top 13 finalists then it becomes a 13 week completion where each week someone is voted off until we have a new American Idol.

Here is my prediction on how this will all play out. Once the top 5 guys and top 5 girls are announced there will be some shockers. I think front runners Julie Zorrilla and Clint Jun Gamboa will be joined by judge favorites Brett Loewenstern and Jacob Lusk as not being in the top ten. The judges will be torn because they like them all. Eventually they will pick Julie and Jacob to join the top 13. The last judge’s choice, I think, will go to a dark horse like Jordan Dorsey or Jovany Barreto or even Rachel Zevita if they aren’t in on votes. I think both Brett Loewenstern and Clint Jun Gamboa will not make it into the American Idol Top 13. I also won’t be shocked if the judges go back and pull someone else from the previous round back out and say that they felt they made a mistake and should have never eliminated them. It is American Idol after all and they love to shock.

Over the next 13 weeks of American Idol 2011 we will see good and many bad performances. I think Scotty McCreery will go far, but not win, however he will get signed immediately. I think, in the end, it will come down to Pia Toscano who showed last night that she has range nobody even knew about and Casey Abrams who just oozes talent and Pia Toscano will be your new American Idol.

But we are a long ways away from that. Tune in tonight at 8PM to see who get chosen to join the American Idol Top 13 and start the journey of a life time on American Idol 2011.



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