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Modern Family March 2, 2011

Posted by on March 3, 2011 at 3:54 PM EST

modern family ty burrellModern Family Season 2 – Two Monkeys and a Panda – March 2, 2011 – ABC Network

Hilarious!  I love Modern Family Season 2.  Amazingly, the show finds way each week to provide me and my family with laugh after laugh.  So much talent.  Last night, we find Phil (Ty Burrell) wanting him and Claire (Julie Bowen) to use their spa gift certificates before they expire in 24 hours.  Claire can’t find the time, so Phil decides to use them.  He is surrounded by woman in the spa and gets a little lesson on how to deal with the female gender.

Jay (Ed O’Neill) takes Gloria (Sofia Vergara) to a mausoleum to reserve their spots for when they pass on.  Gloria does not like any part of this and refuses to discuss it.  After having an insightful conversation with Manny (Rico Rodriguez II), Jay is able to patch things up with Gloria.  I love when they have interactions between Jay and Manny on Modern Family, and Jay always seems to walk away more enlightened!

Cam (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitchell (Jessie Tyler Ferguson) have an argument about how Lilly’s (Jayden and Ella Hiller) name appears on her adoption certificate.  In the meantime, Cam writes a book about two monkeys (Cam and Mitchell) adopting a panda (Lilly).  Of course, in the end of all the silliness, you walk away from Modern Family Season 2 with a feel good lesson on life!

Anxiously awaiting next weeks episode.  When you think that they can’t top themselves, they do!  The writing is phenomenal and the actors are superb.  Modern Family is one of the best shows on television right now.



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