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Jersey Shore Season 3 Preview: Snooki, Vinny Smoosh

Posted by on March 3, 2011 at 3:27 PM EST

snooki vinny jersey shoreJersey Shore returns tonight for a brand new season 3 episode.

Are Vinny and Snooki going to “smoosh?” It certainly seems like a possibility, in MTV’s teaser for tonight’s episode of Jersey Shore Season 3. It wouldn’t be the first time the two have gotten together, if you recall back in Season 2 when the two had sex, before Vinny hooked up with Angelina, too.

While Angelina isn’t on Jersey Shore anymore, it wasn’t her fault entirely. As I recall, she was one very drunk guidette, but Snooki put all of the responsibility on her when she confronted her slurring, “I had sex with Vinny, YOU had sex with Vinny!”

After that, it didn’t really seem like Vinny and Snooki had any sort of a sexual future together, although they’ve obviously remained tight throughout Jersey Shore Season 3. But will Vinny be able to resist Snooki’s undeniably confusing yet sexy charms? I kinda doubt it. I think they’re going to smoosh on tonight’s episode. It looks a bit like Vinny is only interested in a friends with benefits type situation, so I hope Snooki doesn’t get hurt. What are your thoughts?

In related news, Snooki is currently on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine! In the issue, the 23-year-old indicated that she would be interested in appearing in more reality shows, and also admitted that she hates looking stupid on television (has she seen Jersey Shore Season 3?). According to Snooki, “Obviously, they’re only going to put the good stuff in, and the good stuff is us drunk, so all I’m seeing is me drunk and falling down. That’s how I am when I party, but some of the stuff I do is, like, ‘Really, Nicole?’”



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