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Top Chef All Stars March 2, 2011

Posted by on March 3, 2011 at 1:35 PM EST

top chef bahamasFrom Archenemies to Cousin Family?!

This week’s episode (March 2, 2011) of Top Chef All Stars was full of surprises. The Quick Fire was actually pretty uneventful, the chefs had to create a dish from ingredients found on a ferry’s snack bar and finish before the ferry reached its destination, Ellis Island. Carla’s Orange and Papaya Salad with carrot and rosemary juice won the challenge. Once landed, they are given The Elimination Challenge, which would be the last in New York. It was for the chefs to create a dish using their ancestry. The show had hired the top genealogist in the country to delve into each chef-testants family history and compile a portfolio for them to review. A visiting family member got to sit with each chef and look over the material, helping them develop a concept for their dish. The chefs would then serve their dishes to the judges as well as the other family members the next day. While reviewing their ancestry Mike Isabella and Antonia Lofaso, practically archenemies on the show realized they are in fact, distant cousins!

The next evening at dinner, the Top Chef All Stars guests, including Antonia, Mike, and Tiffany’s mothers, Richard’s wife, and Carlas’s husband, sat with judges, Tom Colicchio, Padma Lakshmi, Gail Simmons, and guest judge Dan Barbar. All five dishes were praised and it was obvious the decision wasn’t going to be easy. Antonia’s mother even asked if “has the show ever had a top 5 before?” (It hasn’t). All five were asked to see the judges, where we found out Antonia was the challenge winner, securing a spot at the finale in the Bahamas, and a brand new Toyota Highlander! Mike was a close second and Padma nearly gave Richard a heart attack by saying “Richard, please pack your knives…because, you are going to the Bahamas!” Now, it was down to just Tiffany and Carla. I was ready to throw myself to the ground screaming if Carla was eliminated, but in a Top Chef first it was announced BOTH Tiffany and Carla would be going to the finale with a Final Five instead of Four!!

Clips from the Top Chef All Stars Bahamas Finale look like it’s going to be a good time, and Padma will be in a bikini, so don’t miss it Wednesday on Bravo 10/9c.



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