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Watch LA Ink Season 4 Episode 4 Tonight on TLC

Posted by on September 1, 2010 at 3:11 PM EST

la inkSeason 4 Episode 3 of LA Ink left us with a cliffhanger.

Will Kat Von D hire Corey Miller back or not? With LA Ink Season 4 Episode 4 airing tonight at 9pm on TLC, we will finally learn Corey’s fate, but not without some drama.

Kat Von D and Corey Miller want to work together, but at the same time they wonder if they can recapture what they had before and make it work again. Corey is looking for respect. He tells Kat flat out that he feels like he played a major role in building the popularity and success of High Voltage, Kat’s tattoo shop which is the home base for LA Ink. Kat is worried that bringing Corey back may disturb the Zen-like peace that has finally descended on High Voltage now that all the drama of the bad shop managers has passed. It seems everyone in both Kat and Corey’s lives has an opinion on the subject and they aren’t afraid to voice them.

Across town the once drama-free shop is now infested with the drama bug. New girl Ruthless rubs Amy wrong no matter what she does. The two women finally have it out as Amy confronts Ruthless. As the girls clash, Paulie lets them know exactly where he stands on the issue of drama.

Craig, now sensing a major opportunity, reaches out to Corey and lets him know that he can always use American Electric, a rival tattoo shop, as a base of operations for his LA area appointments.

As with any episode of LA Ink, Episode 4 has some great tattoos. Kat Von D does a portrait for a woman of her mom from a picture taken in 1940. Nikko is back and knocks one out of the park with an amazing portrait of a female boxer and Amy from American Electric does a sugar skull for a man who is lucky to be alive. The artwork is great and the stories, as always, that go along with them are interesting and sometimes emotional.

After much drama is had and advice is given to both parties, Corey visits the shop and we finally learn his fate and future with High Voltage and LA Ink.

Tune in tonight at 9pm on TLC to find out how it all goes down in the fourth episode of LA Ink Season 4.



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