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McDonalds McLobster Justin Bieber

Posted by on March 3, 2011 at 12:50 PM EST

mcdonalds mclobsterMcDonalds McLobster is not a myth; endorsed by Justin Bieber?

The McDonalds McLobster sandwich is NOT a myth or rumor, it is very much a real thing. Of course, leave it to the native land of Justin Bieber to host such a ridiculously yet tasty sounding sammich. Okay, I am kidding, it sounds vile and disgusting, as does anything on the McDonalds menu. In case you are wanting to kill yourself by this disaster, you can find the McDonalds McLobster sandwich in Eastern Canada (Justin Bieber’s Home Land) and New England.

Would you eat the infamous McDonalds McLobster sandwich? I am sure that millions of tweens would eat it just because its available in Justin Bieber’s home land of Canada. I wouldn’t care if you paid me $1000, I will not go anywhere near that nonsense. It’s only a matter of time before the McLobster takes America by storm and adds to our ever-growing obesity epidemic.

Will you take Justin Bieber‘s advice and “never say never” or have you already decided you will NOT eat the McDonalds McLobster? Next to hit McDonalds will be raw oysters, you know for those who want to live dangerously.



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