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Mike Catherwood: Dancing With The Stars 2011

Posted by on March 3, 2011 at 12:31 PM EST

mike catherwood dwtsWho is Dancing With The Stars 2011 contestant Mike Catherwood?

If you found yourself asking who the question, “Who hell is Mike Catherwood?” last night, you were not alone. As they announced the lineup for the new season of Dancing with the Stars  2011 (which, by the way they drug out in a manner that made too many interested people suffer through an entire episode of the Bachelor) they slowly, dramatically revealed the namesas if each one would make us ooh and ahh. There are some recognizable people here who have pretty big careers (or at least legacies). As the night went along and the announcements continued the drama kept building until they eventually announced the last member of the cast. Everyone must have thought it was someone huge based on how they were building the hype. They then announced the name: Mike Catherwood. Mike who? Is this a guy who just got out of witness protection?

As it turns out Mike Catherwood is a radio DJ who also goes by the name Psycho Mike (I’m sure that name is going to come up a million times during the DWTS season as his partner Lacey Schwimmer encourages him to “go pshyco.” ). Cheesy jokes aside, what is this guy known for?

It turns out Mike is mostly known as one of the producers on the Kevin and Bean radio show and as Dr. Drew’s co-host on the late night radio show Loveline.  Mike is known on the radio for his many impressions and appears to be a guy who has a good sense of humor.

When asked about the Dancing With The Stars 2011 cast Mike Catherwood said, “Not only are we not controversial, but there is also no “ringers.” There is also always that one guy or gal who needs to be voted off first. But when I met this cast I thought, “Where’s the person with the walker?” Is it me or did Mike just call himself and his cast boring?

I do have to agree with him on one point. After last season’s Bristol Palin controversy they do seem to have steered away from people who are famous just for being famous, but with a former Playmate, a model, and Kirstie Alley, there is plenty of opportunity for drama and controversy.

If Mike Catherwood has proven one thing, it is that he has a great agent and/or publicist. Right now half the radio DJ’s in the nation are on the phone with their managers wanting to know how come they didn’t get this job. If they were going to go with a radio guy they should have taken Howard Stern’s producer Gary Dell’abate. At least then we could have said, “Ba BaBooey” every week.



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