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Demi Lovato: Charlie Sheen’s Goddess

Posted by on March 3, 2011 at 11:42 AM EST

demi lovato charlie sheenWord is out that Demi Lovato is dating Charlie Sheen and is his new goddess.

Demi Lovato dating Charlie Sheen, what!? Is the young Disney star really one of Charlie’s new goddess? YES! Demi has stated that “Yes I am the third Sheen Goddess and I CAN make instant coffee properly.” Lovato also claims she is the “best” of the three goddesses, saying “I mean come on, one is a hippie and the other is a porn star, it’s not hard to be better than those two.” Maybe Demi Lovato being one of Charlie Sheen’s goddesses is just what her career needs.

Of course, I doubt hanging out with Charlie Sheen right now is such a good idea. Demi Lovato just came out of rehab and I dunno if good ol’ Charlie is the best role model at the moment. However, if Demi wants to be one of Charlie’s goddesses then so be it. Oh, I forgot to mention Demi Lovato also said “Look out for a new series called ‘Charlie’s Goddesses’ coming to a TV near you, really soon!”

How amazing would that be? Demi Lovato, a porn star and a hippy, starring in a action packed show where they are the goddesses of Charlie Sheen. People would be saying “What’s Two and a Half Men” in no time.



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