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Survivor Redemption Island March 2, 2011

Posted by on March 2, 2011 at 6:43 PM EST

survivor redemption island 2011Survivor Redemption Island preview for March 2, 2011.

Tonight on Survivor Redemption Island (March 2, 2011) we will get to see a first in Survivor history. After Matt’s being voted out of the tribe last week and joining Francesca on Redemption Island we will see those two face off in the first ever Redemption Island duel. The winner gets to stay and continue towards their quest to return to the game and the loser will be gone for good.  In a sneak preview of the challenge Matt and Francesca will face off in a “jailbreak “challenge. They will be standing behind a locked door that has three different locks on it. They will have to use a collection of sticks and rope to construct a pole then use that pole to reach three keys that they will use to unlock the gate and free themselves. The first person to set themselves free stays.

Back at Zapatera it looks like the entire tribe is getting angry with Russell because he doesn’t do anything but lay around all day with his two Survivor Redemption Island alliance mates. Ralph appears to be putting together an alliance that will vote Russell out if they lose the next challenge. What he doesn’t know is that while it appears that Russell is doing nothing, he too is working to put together an alliance that is set to make a startling blindside.

Meanwhile on Ometepe Grant has emerged as a strong physical threat so he works to build a strong alliance around him to help keep him safe.

It should be an action packed episode of Survivor Redemption Island tonight (March 2, 2011). Tune in at 8PM to watch it all go down.



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