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Justin Bieber iPad 2 Live

Posted by on March 2, 2011 at 1:47 PM EST

justin bieber ipad 2What would have made the iPad 2 live event even better? Justin Bieber!

Right now the Apple iPad 2 live event is happening and you would think Justin Bieber would have been aprt of it, post Google launch event last month. At the Android 3.0 event, Cee Lo Green called in to show off the new video chat app on the Honeycomb OS. What better way to promote your new device than with celebrity star power?

Granted Steve Jobs made an appearance at the iPad 2 live event but he just isn’t the Canadian boy wonder Justin Bieber. Regardless, Apple knows how to sell products if you look at their previous track record but I just think a Bieber appearance would have made it more memorable. Also, next time you do a live event of this stature, allow a TRUE live stream, not this live blogging crap.

Anyways, the new iPad 2 was announced today, Steve Jobs was there, Justin Bieber wasn’t and it’s just another tablet to add to the market…enjoy.



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