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Apple iPad 2 Live Video

Posted by on March 2, 2011 at 1:01 PM EST

apple ipad 2 live videoApple iPad 2 event live video blogging.

The big Apple iPad 2 live event is going down in just under 5 minutes and people are wondering if Steve Jobs will be there. What will the brand new iPad have in the way of “new” technology? Something tells me that they will rehash old crap in a new device. Think iPhone 4, just bigger, that is most likely what we will see on this iPad 2 live event video. I will be watching Leo Laporte’s coverage via uStream live stream.

Some say Apple will be revealing a new iOS at this iPad 2 live event but who knows. I am guessing it is just going to be the iPad 2, there follow-up to their first tablet, the iPad. Of course, this comes just in time for the Motorola XOOM release which boasts Android 3.0 and is the supposed “ipad killer.”  Will the iPad 2 offer anything new or will it be a huge iPhone 4.

Enjoy Leo Laporte covering the iPad 2 live event as he updates by reading live blogging from the Apple event:



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