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Michael Douglas Throat Cancer, Letterman and Lawsuits

Posted by on August 31, 2010 at 7:07 PM EST

michael douglasIt has been a difficult few months for Michael Douglas who was recently diagnosed with throat cancer.

Wall Street 2 star, Michael Douglas has had a rough 2010 thus far. Any man, Hollywood star or not, would have to agree after your son (Cameron Douglas) is sent to prison, your ex-wife (Diandra Douglas) sues you and you recently find out that you have throat cancer.  Catch up on the recent events that Michael Douglas has gone through and watch him tonight on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Michael Douglas‘ son Cameron was recently sentenced to five years in prison on felony drug charges.   Then Douglas’ Ex-Wife, Diandra Douglas, filed a suit against him claiming she is owed part of his earnings from his new movie Wall Street 2.  She claims that their divorce settlement in 2000 gives her part of any earnings he made from projects he did while they were together and any spin-offs that may result from that work. The case is still pending

Shortly after his son’s sentencing, Micheal Douglas was diagnosed with throat cancer. He has only recently began speaking about it, saying he is “optimistic” and vowing to beat it. Douglas has decided to attack the caner with a mix of surgery, radiation treatment and chemotherapy. These treatments can have a very adverse effect on a person’s voice causing permanent hoarseness or even complete loss of the voice.

Douglas’ decision to attack the tumor with all three treatments may actually end up helping him keep his voice. The surgery will remove the tumor then the radiation and chemo will help kill any remaining cells. Using all three techniques may mean that no one technique is used too heavily so the ultimate wear on the voice could be minimized.

“The good news is that most throat cancers are curable, and the majority of patients are able to maintain speech, swallowing and appearance,” says Dr. William Keane, professor and chair of Otolaryngology and neck surgery at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.

For Douglas’ part, he remains in good spirits and, along with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, vows to keep a positive attitude and fight this cancer with everything he has got.

Michael Douglas’ movie Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps opens Sept, 24th.

You can also catch Michael Douglas tonight on Late Show With David Letterman at 11:50 p.m. on CBS.



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