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Hugh Hefner versus Charlie Sheen

Posted by on March 1, 2011 at 1:36 PM EST

hugh hefner charlie sheenHugh Hefner Playmates versus Charlie Sheen Goddesses.

Charlie Sheen has been living the pimp life for a while now. The actor slash drug fiend is no stranger to controversy, as he has made tabloid headlines many times for his various run-ins with the law and porn-star party shenanigans. But lately the 45-year-old star has been comparing himself to Hugh Hefner. Do you see the similarities?

Sheen currently lives with two of his girlfriends, whom he refers to as his “goddesses.” He also lives with his soon to be ex-wife and their twin sons. At the height of his polyamorous affairs, Hefner was dating 7 women, including “Number One” girlfriend Holly Madison. Charlie Sheen has been arrested for doing coke, having committed battery, and for felony menacing. Hefner was only arrested in 1963, for selling “obscene literature.”

Charlie Sheen has been on Celebrity Rehab and Two-and-a-Half Men. Hugh Hefner has starred in his own reality show, has had a documentary made about him (Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel), and was the host of two TV shows: Playboy’s Penthouse, and Playboy After Dark. Charlie Sheen is rich. Hugh Hefner is richer. Ultimate, Hugh Hefner reigns supreme as the ultimate and original playboy, while Charlie Sheen falls short.

As of now, though, Charlie Sheen is currently dating two women while Hugh Hefner has settled down and is engaged. Sheen’s goddesses are Natalie Kenly (ex-nanny) and Rachel Oberlin (porn star). According to Kenly, “We run errands, we eat, we play with the kids. I watch a lot of Two-and-a-Half Men.” Oberlin is also optimistic about the relationship, saying, “I’m behind Charlie 100 percent in whatever he’d like to do.”



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