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Psychoanalysis of Lady Gaga

Posted by on March 1, 2011 at 12:59 PM EST

sigmund freud lady gagaSigmund Freud and the psychoanalysis of Lady Gaga.

What would Sigmund Freud say about Lady Gaga’s sexual shenanigans? The 24-year-old diva has admitted that she didn’t have sex until she was 17, and she didn’t enjoy it until she was 22. My guess is that Freud would say something like this:

“Lady Gaga’s sexual expression, as exhibited in her music videos and attire, is a clear manifestation of her formerly repressed inhibitions that have bubbled to the surface through the catalysis of fame and fortune. The name “Gaga” clearly refers to the utterances of a toddler, first learning to talk. It is thus likely that Miss Gaga received some sort of trauma during the oral stage of psychosexual development, but has been able to cope with said trauma in the very therapeutic and cathartic realm of dance and song.”

Imagine at this point that Sigmund Freud takes a puff from his (clearly phallic) cigar before continuing.

Lady Gaga will continue to dress and dance provocatively until she has resolved all psychosexual issues. This may never happen, as it is very rare for people to transcend such deep-seated issues. In a recent interview, Gaga said, ‘I have weird superstitions about sex. If you’re not having sex with someone who really loves you they can screw up your energy.’ These psychotic notions, if left unchecked, could potentially turn on Gaga, prompting the singer to morph into a lunatic sex fiend with an unquenchable desire. Gaga should consult me for sexual therapy immediately. She should know who I am. I’m Freud. I’m freakin’ famous.”



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