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Eminem Surpasses Michael Jackson on Facebook

Posted by on March 1, 2011 at 12:10 PM EST

eminem facebookEminem has passed Michael Jackson on Facebook as the most liked person.

Eminem just passed Michael Jackson on Facebook to become the most pouplar person in the world! Slim Shady is the first ever to reach 30 million likes on Mark Zuckerberg’s social networking empire. That is pretty damn impressive and it just goes to show that Eminem is not going anywhere, anytime soon!

WOW! Congratulations are in order for Eminem as he has just become the most popular person in the world on Facebook, surpassing Michael Jackson. Last week Marshal Mathers surpassed Lady Gaga to become the most popular “living” person and now he is THE most popular person EVER. Eminem has made history by passing 30 million likes on Facebook and surpassing the pop legend, Michael Jackson.

Once again, Eminem is the most popular person in the world on Facebook, CONGRATS!



(1) Reader Comment

  1. Two words: automated programs.

    I have no doubt in my mind that Michael Jackson’s numbers reflect real people. Seriously, Michael Jackson had to die to earn some new millions. What did Eminem do to garner so much publicity? Noooothing.

    Artificially increasing the numbers IS the publicity. Then, getting tabloids to compare you to Michael Jackson is step 2. Funny how Michael Jackson has to be mentioned in order for somebody elses’s fan base to rally up.

    Same strategy with Gaga. Artifically inflate, rouse your fan base of potential opposition, get them to recruit more people to “like” their facebook page, “follow” them on twitter, etc… no doubt some of the fans are creating multiple fake accounts, using A.P.’s as well and wallah! You create the illusion that people have an interest in you.

    & then you can use the numbers for the sake of marketability. Wow, you have so many followers! You can reach oh-so-many people at once; you’re so influential. What a farce!

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