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Happy Birthday Justin Drew Bieber

Posted by on March 1, 2011 at 11:20 AM EST

justin drew bieberHappy Birthday Mr.  Bieber fever.

Happy Birthday Justin Drew Bieber, that’s right folks, the Canadian boy wonder turns 17-years-old today. For Selena Gomez (18-years-old) that means she only has one more year until she can legally have sex with Mr. Bieber Fever. What do you think Justin Bieber asked for, for his 17th birthday?

Hell, who knows what you ask for when you have everything imaginable. I am sure Justin Drew Bieber will spend time with his girlfriend and probably his parents. I expect he will get a bunch of ridiculous purple t-shirts as presents and I can only imagine what else. Justin Bieber has been heading down the douche road as of late so maybe he will buy something ridiculously expensive just to show everyone he has more money than god. I know I would if I have the money that Justin Bieber has…why not?

Happy Birthday Justin Drew Bieber, I hope turning 17-years-old is everything you expected.



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