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Laura Linney Is Back For Episode 3 Of The Big C

Posted by on August 31, 2010 at 4:30 PM EST

the big c laura linneyLaura Linney was back with full force on last night’s third episode of The Big C.

Last night The Big C Season 1 Episode 3 taught Cathy Jamison (Laura Linney) that cancer is fun and that “There’s No C In Team!” At least that is what the cancer support group that Cathy joined was all about; Cathy was not buying it though, not for one second. Coming off of two strong episodes so far, The Big C returned last night on Showtime and delivered for a third week in a row. While most people might find a show about cancer a bit depressing, Showtime has done an amazing job with The Big C and Laura Linney’s character, Cathy Jamison.

Cathy, still unable to open up to anyone about her stage 4 cancer, decided to join a cancer support group. She soon finds out that she does not belong in this support group rather quickly. Member of the group are all happy-go-lucky and believe that cancer was a gift sent by god. I have to agree with Cathy, the people in this cancer support group are about as nutty as cultists who think that drinking magic kool-aid will make things better.

Two members of the cancer group have made it their goal to help Cathy on her journey to acknowledging that cancer is a gift from god. More like Cathy now has stalkers that leave random groceries and baked goods on her doorstep.

In a plan to try and get her family together, Cathy hosts a potluck dinner. Andrea (Gabourey Sidibe), Sean (John Benjamin Hickey) and Adam (Gabriel Basso) all attend Cathy’s little get together. Little do they know that Cathy is trying to be nice because she has very little time to live, The Big C has her knocking on death’s door.

Personally, my first sigh of relief came towards the end of the episode. Cathy’s crazy neighbor Marlene (Phyllis Somerville) finally figures out that Cathy has cancer. All it took was for Cathy to run over Marlene’s dog that was that. The Big C secret is out and now only a select few of the people around Cathy know that she is dying. I am curious to see when Cathy is going to tell her family. I would think that they should know that she is dying.

All in all, Showtime delivered yet another amazing episode of The Big C last night. I look forward to seeing how the series plays out and just exactly what they will do when Cathy eventually loses her battle with The Big C.

Tune in next week as The Big C returns Monday night at 10:30PM ET/PT on Showtime.



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