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The Amazing Race 18 Recap

Posted by on February 28, 2011 at 7:17 PM EST

the amazing race 18Last night on The Amazing Race: Unfinished business teams were tasked to do a spirt world detour.

The first episode of this new season of The Amazing Race 18 titled The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business left us hanging. When last we saw the teams they were arriving at what they thought was the first pit stop only to be told they were still racing. Instead of checking them in Phil gave them a clue. The Cowboys, Jet and Cord were stuck on the flag puzzle and things were not looking good for them.

As the new episode of The Amazing Race starts we pick up right where we left off with teams getting their new clue from Phil and deciding what to do. The new clue sends the teams back to Sydney with a riddle of sorts to solve. They must find a location and there they will sign up for one of two different charter flights. The first flight lands 30 minutes before the second one does. Kisha& Jen along with Zev & Justin are the first two teams to find the location. They will be joined on the first flight by the Cheerleaders, Margie & Luke, Mel & Mike and the Goths. The second fight will take the rest of the competitors. The flights don’t leave until the following morning so Jet and Cord have a chance to catch up and get the last seats on the second plane.

The charter flight takes them to a mining town called Broken Hill. Here the teams must choose to either do a spirit world detour or a natural world detour. Neither looks easy. Those who choose to do the spirit world challenge must follow an example and use rocks to construct a mosaic on the ground. Once it is done they must perform a dance on it that is meant to call down the spirits. Once they have it right they get their nest clue.

For the natural world detour the teams have to mark some areas of the ground and complete a few tasks. No teams choose this detour.

Going into The Amazing Race detour Zev & Justin are in first place. Kris & Amanda finish the detour in next to last place, but since they have the U-turn still they immediately jump over and start the other detour. When they leave they are in last place. Coming out the detour the groups make their way to a sports stadium where they must dress like kangaroos and wear shoes that have bouncing springs on them. They then use a periodic table of elements to figure out a clue and find the location of the clue box. Many of the streets in this town are named after elements so the teams must figure out the proper elements that will lead them to the correct crossroads. Some teams clearly are better than others at this, but it is hilarious watching them all hop around in those ridiculous kangaroo outfits.

Once they find the location of the clue it gives them directions to the pit stop. The Cowboys have made up a lot of time and are moving up the ranks Near the back of the pack Christine and & Ron are having some communications issues and it is looking like the same problems they had last time when they were on the show are rearing their ugly head again.

Zev & Justin make great time and are the first team to make it to the pit stop. They win a trip to Cancun. The Globetrotters are second followed by the Cowboys who made up some serious time. Kisha& Jen are next followed by Margie & Luke. Mel & Mike come in 6th and the Goths finish in 7th place. Cara & Jamie are 8th. Father/daughter team Gary & Mallory reach the pits stop in 9th place. It is a close race for last as Kris & Amanda fight to overcome the U-turn. They tried hard, but can’t pull it off. Ron &Christina come in 10th while Kris & Amanda come in last and are eliminated from The Amazing Race.



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