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Kendra Wilkinson: Dancing With The Stars Season 12

Posted by on February 28, 2011 at 9:01 PM EST

kendra dwtsKendra Wilkinson joins the season 12 cast of Dancing With The Stars.

We have a sneak peek at some of the names for Season 12 of Dancing with the Stars and it looks like this season’s hot girl is going to be Kendra Wilkinson. Every season of Dancing with the Stars has at least one girl who plays the role of “the hottie” and Kendra fits that role perfectly. Of course we will find out the names of the rest of the cast tonight so she may not be the only hot girl.

Kendra is best known as being a former Playboy Playmate (or is that a title you keep for life? Like if you were elected governor of a state even after you leave office people still refer to you as governor. Once you are a Playmate are you always a Playmate?). For a while she was one of three girls who were dating Hugh Hefner and she stared in the hit reality show The Girls Next Door which followed the exploits of several different Playmates.

Now Kendra Wilkinson is married to a football player named Hank Baskett. She is a mom and she has her own show called Kendra. She is a perfect addition to Dancing with the Stars because she brings a little bit of controversy with her because of her connections to Playboy, she seems to be able to dance a little bit and she loves being on TV so she will be comfortable and relaxed on camera. I would also guess that she will more than fulfill the role of the girl wearing the next to nothing outfits that show a lot of skin.

Kendra’s professional dance partner is Louis Van Amstel. He has been with Dancing with the Stars since the first season (although in that first season he and partner Trista Sutter were voted out after the second week), but he has not appeared in every season. It seems like he is more of a fill in kind of guy and this season with Derek Hough taking time off from the show to film a movie it looks like Louis is stepping in to fill the void. He has the experience to help take Kendra deep into the show if she can learn the steps and perform them well. In season 9 he took Kelly Osbourne all the way to third place.

The rest of Kendra Wilkinson’s cast mates on Dancing with the Stars will be announced a little later tonight during the Bachelor.



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