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Dancing With The Stars 2011: Chris Jericho

Posted by on February 28, 2011 at 8:22 PM EST

chris jericho dwtsDancing With The Stars 2011 cast profile for Chris Jericho.

Chris Jericho is the first athlete named as a cast member for Season 12 of Dancing with the Stars. The full cast will be revealed later tonight, but we have a few leaks and among them Chris Jericho whose partner is Cheryl Burke is the only guy that is an athlete. Chances are he will be joined by at least one more athlete, likely a pro from one of the major sports.

Jericho is best known as a pro-wrestler and while many people will not consider that being an athlete it is a lot harder than it looks and it requires a hell of a lot of stamina and athletic ability. What is also requires is a lot of agility and the ability to choreograph moves. That is something that could help Chris Jericho out greatly during his run on Dancing with the Stars.

Chris Jericho has been around professional wrestling for a long time. He has won 29 different titles and while that may not mean much in the real world since the outcome of the matches is pre-determined, it does mean that Jericho is used to preforming at the height or his profession on live TV and in a packed arena full of thousands of screaming fans. Chances are he will not be intimidated by the live audience or the TV cameras.

Chris Jericho – real name Christopher Irvine – will be paired with pro Cheryl Burke. I actually think he has a chance to go deep into the competition on Dancing with the Stars. He has charisma, he is in shape and he obviously can learn moves fast and memorize choreography quickly. Add in that he will come to the show with a pretty big, rabid fan base built in that could vote for him and we could see Chris Jericho make a good run on Dancing with the Stars.



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