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Oscar Ratings and Reviews

Posted by on February 28, 2011 at 3:26 PM EST

oscar ratingsThe Oscar ratings and reviews are in for the Academy Awards 2011 and they are not good!

The 2011 Oscar ratings were unfortunately disappointing this year, as they plummeted 7% from last year’s broadcast. The special received a household rating of 24.6, and reviews from critics were a bit harsh. Hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco were the youngest hosts in Oscar history, and they may have saved the show from slipping more in ratings than it did. Still, many critics were unimpressed with their delivery and it showed in their Oscar reviews.

Many publications have disparaged the duo’s performance in their post Oscar reviews, and James Franco appears to be the less favoured of the two. For example, the Washington Post described Anne Hathaway as “charming and charismatic,” but have described James Franco as “a little distracted and even blasé.”  Together, it made for a somewhat awkward match thus the bad Oscar ratings, although the cross-dressing gimmick was good for a few laughs.

A lot of critics have reminisced back to last year, when Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin hosted together. The Washington Post was delighted with their performance, for instance, writing “Baldwin and Steve Martin proved to be classy and quippy throughout the night, very piece-of-cake — not that anyone expected otherwise.”

It is understandable that the Oscars wanted to attract a young and hip crowd with their Hathaway-Franco picks, but with age comes experience, wisdom, and a seasoned sense of humor and professionalism that can’t always be expected from such young hosts.



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