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Dancing with the Stars: Leaks and Speculations

Posted by on February 28, 2011 at 3:19 PM EST

kendra wilkinson dwtsDancing With The Stars season 12 leaks, speculations, predictions.

The next crew of Z-list celebs will soon take the stage, for of Dancing with the Stars Season 12. Who would you like to see shake and shimmy their way back into the spotlight? I personally would be thrilled if Carrot Top managed to get on the show, although that might frighten away kids from watching DWTS.

The names of half of the contestants have already been leaked, but the remaining names will be revealed during tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, on ABC.

According to TMZ, Playboy Bunny Kendra Wilkinson will be taking the stage, along with talk show host Wendy Williams. Former wrestling champion Chris Jericho is another celeb dancer, as well as Chelsea Kane. Hip-hop artist Lil Romeo will also be lacing up his dancing shoes, reportedly.

Based on what we know about who is currently involved in Dancing With The Stars Season 12, I expect there will be at least one more singer on the program. Perhaps ABC will have recruited Aaron Carter, who recently got out of rehab. Or JC Chasez, from *NSYNC (remember them?)

It’d be a cool battle of the washed up talk show hosts if ABC throws on Roseanne Barr to wiggle her spirit fingers, but that’s probably about as likely as Susan Boyle appearing on the show. Then again, anything is possible in Hollywood.



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