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Oscars 2011 Results: Hailee Steinfeld Snubbed?

Posted by on February 28, 2011 at 2:18 PM EST

hailee steinfeldWas Hailee Steinfeld snubbed at the Oscars 2011 last night?

Hailee Steinfeld has been the talk of the town since her film debut in True Grit. The 14-year-old starlet was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award but as the Oscars 2011 results show, she was not the winner. Do you think Hailee was snubbed because of her age?

I mean an Academy Award is a tremendous feat for anyone to even receive a nomination. Hailee Steinfeld delivered an amazing performance in True Grit but was it worthy of an Oscars 2011 win? Personally I predicted Hailee to win but there was stiff competition and I am happy that Melissa Leo won. I mean, if Leo hadn’t won we wouldn’t have an f-bomb to discuss, post Oscar ceremony.

To say Hailee Steinfeld was snubbed is a bit farfetched. I have looked over the Oscars 2011 results and I am perfectly happy with the winners the Academy picked. Remember, Steinfeld is 14-years-old, we will be seeing plenty more of her in Hollywood and I guarantee she will WIN an Oscar during her career.

Congratulations go out to Melissa Leo and all of the winners from last night’s Academy Awards.



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