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Oscars 2011 Results: Christian Bale Best Supporting Actor

Posted by on February 27, 2011 at 9:45 PM EST

christian bale oscarsChristian Bale won Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars 2011.

Christian Bale is the winner of the Oscars 2011 Best Supporting Actor. So far the Oscar results have been just as everyone predicted, minus the Melissa Leo win for Best Supporting Actress…I thought Hailee Steinfeld had it. This marks another Oscar win for The Fighter and I predict there are more to come!

While giving his acceptance speech, Christian Bale said he will not use the F-Bomb like his co-star Melissa Leo did. We want to congratulate Bale for being a winner at the Oscars 2011 for Best Supporting Actor in the film The Fighter.



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  1. Mr Christian Bale truly deserves this award for putting up a great performance (and shredding some weight) in The Fighter. He has certainly come a long way since The Empire Of The Sun!

  2. Amazing performance from Christian Bale in the fighter. Goes to prove that he had been hiding behind the mask all along.

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